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Nancy Davidson:  Cowgirl
Text by Jessica Brier, Renee M. Laegreid, Leisl Carr-Childers
Interview by Kate Gilmore

Published by Daylight
Distributed by D.A.P.  |  Distributed  Art  Publishers

In her sculpture and installation works, New York-­based artist Nancy Davidson (born 1943), recipient of a 2014 Guggenheim Fellowship, celebrates and satirizes popular culture. A central example is the American cowgirl. This publication combines archival cowgirl photographs with images of Davidson's sculptures, photographs of photographs and installations.

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Text by Laurence Hegarty
Video/Sculpture, Dorsky Gallery, January, Brooklyn, 2012.

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Jill Fields_NancyDavidson.jpg

An Intimate Affair: Women, Lingerie, and Sexuality

Text by Jill Fields
University of California Press, 2007, p176-177

Rubin Museum of Art
The Flag Project, New York. 2007


Normal Editions Workshop
30th Year Commemorative Catalog, School of Art,
Illinois State University, 2007


Sweet Dreams: Contemporary Art and Complicity 
Text by Johanna Drucker
University of Chicago Press, 2005


No. 1 First Works by 362 Artists. D.A.P.
Text by Francesca Richer and Matthew Rosenzweig
Distributed Art Publishers Inc. 2005


The California Poems (Drawings)
Text by Eleni Sikelianos
Coffee House Press, Fall 2004


The Sculptural Idea
Text by James K. Kelly
Fourth Edition, Long Grove, Illinois
Waveland Press, 2004


”Nancy Davidson.” In Fantasy Underfoot
Catalog Text by Stacey Schmidt
Corcoran Biennial, Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C. 2003 


“About the Souffle” In Breathless: Nancy Davidson 
Catalog Text by David Frankel
Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, 1999


“On Tweaking Gravity and Visualizing the Unseen.”
In Zero-G: When Gravity Becomes Form 

Stamford, Conn.: Whitney Museum of American Art at Champion, 1999 
Catalog Text by Jeff Ko’an Baysa, M.D. 


Feminist as a Method 
Text by Wen Liao
China, 1999


Carnivaleyes: "Ain’t Nothin’ in the World like a Big-Eyed Girl.”
Prague, Czech Republic: Nova Sin Gallery, 1998
 Catalog text by Jo Anna Isaak


Figuring the Body: Nancy Bowen and Nancy Davidson.
Brochure text by Nina Felshin
Middletown, Conn.: Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University, 1998


Brochure text by Nina Felshin
New York: Dorsky Gallery, 1998


Carnivaleyes: “Carnival Delights.” 
Text by Martina Pachmanova
Prague, Czech Republic: Nova Sin Gallery, 1998. Catalog.

Carnivaleyes: "Ain't Nothin' in the World like a Big-Eyed Girl."

Catalog text by Jo Anna Isaak


“Nancy Davidson.” In Pop Surrealism
Catalog text by Ing rid Schaffner
Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, Connecticut. 1998


“Nancy Davidson.” In Sculpture-Figure-Woman
Catalog text by Ingrid Schaffner
Oberosterreich, Linz, Austria: Landesgalerie, 1998


“Come Rollick with the Queen.” In How’m I Doin’?
Text by Ingrid Calame 
SantaMonica, Calif.: Shoshana Wayne Gallery, 1997


Feminism & Contemporary Art: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Laughter
Text by Jo Anna Isaak
New York: Routledge, 1996


“Nancy Davidson.” In Laughter Ten Years After 
Catalog text by Jo Anna Isaak
Geneva, N.Y.: Hobart and William Smith Press, 1996


Conceptual Textiles, Material Meaning
Catalog text by Alison Ferris
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, 1995

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